Modacrylic, MAC/Protex™

Modacrylic is a fibre derived from acrylic, with many of the same characteristics as with acrylic, but with better flame retardancy.

Protex™ is an acrylic fibre that has been modified flame retardant. It is usually used with cotton to combine a high degree of fire safety with comfort.

Protex™ is suited for e.g. undergarments, middlelayer and work clothing for the fire department and for military use, when fire safe total clothing is required.

Protex™/cottonmix has LOI value of over 33 and it meets up with the requirements of the standard EN ISO 11612.

Protex+ contains both antibacterial viscose andProtex™, which makes a fire safe, antibacterial and quickly drying, which is very pleasant to use.